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Bullying Prevention Kit

Bullying Prevention Kit
For students aged 5 - 12


This supplemental kit is an effective tool to prevent and reduce incidents and severity of all forms of bullying behaviors in schools, including cyber-bullying. It contains 21 lessons, 15–30-minutes long, that directly target bullying. Students learn that bullying behaviors are negative actions, and how to replace them with positive actions to feel good about themselves.

An on-going story follows students involved in bullying behaviors—either as the bully, victim, or bystander—and how they learn to use positive actions in place of negative ones. This kit can stand alone, but it is recommended that the lessons be taught at the end of each unit of the regular classroom curriculum.

  • Elementary Bullying Prevention Supplement Instructor's Manual
  • 30 Activity booklets
  • 17 Full color posters
  • 30 Certificates of Completion and more!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Sample Lessons Sample Lesson 32
Weight 9 lbs (4 kg)
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