Welcome to the Positive Action Catalog!

High School

Four kits are available for high school grades 9 through 12 that are interchangeable. Each kit is unique in its purpose and contains 132 scripted, 15- to 20-minute minute lessons, plus activity sheets, games, manipulatives, posters, 30 student texts and journals.


Kit 1: Life’s Big Question: “Who Am I?” Focuses students on who they are and who they want to become.


Kit 2: “Lives on the Line” Play: Students role-play characters to learn about themselves by doing positive actions in scenes from the play around the themes of the six units.


Kit 3: Projects for Teens: Students have a unique project for each of the six units in which they create a product: collage, health fair, newsletter, community service, art projects with posters and T shirts, and media activities such as commercials and PSAs.


Kit 4: Two Options: By teaching each other lessons in small groups with the teacher facilitating, students can (1) choose to teach and mentor each other as peers or, (2) teach lessons to each other by playing roles as family members to learn the lessons from the Positive Actions for Living manual. Includes 42 lessons, 6 visual aids, games, manipulatives, posters and more.


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