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Secondary Drug Education Kit

Secondary Drug Education Kit
For students aged 11-18


The supplemental drug education kits provide in-depth learning regarding the effects of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs as they relate to each of the unit concepts. They also teach the importance and results of drug-free living (success and happiness). There are two to three lessons per unit that can stand alone or
enhance the classroom curriculum.

The Secondary Drug lessons use a play, "Escape from the Shadow," to teach the negative effects of drug use.

  • Secondary Drug Instructor's Manual with an introduction, purpose statements, materials list, glossary and 30 15–20-minute lessons
  • 30 Activity booklets
  • 10 Script booklets
  • 10 SAMHSA "Tips for Teens" Drug Brochures
  • 1 NIDA “Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs” Brochure
  • 12 Full color posters
  • Game boards and more!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Sample Lessons Sample Lesson 11
Weight 10 lb (4.5 kg)
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